Big Idea

Planet Savers

Planet Savers

Plashet School


"The problem we have chosen to tackle is C02 Emissions. The burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil, natural gas, causes CO2. They provide energy for transportation such as cars, buses, trains, aircraft - helicopters and planes. We chose this specific Greenhouse Gas as it is a global crisis that affects the whole of the human race including the environment and the world, which we were assigned to protect."

"Our Big Idea is and ALL-Ages app, which tracks CO2 emissions, you are emitting. In our app we will have a beginner target for example only 1 hour of vehicle usage is permitted and if the target is achieved then the user will be submitted in our global leaderboard which tracks the wins of all users. We have also included games in the app for small children who might be residing in the car with the drivers. This way the C02 tracker will still be running during the drive. The games will consist of educational meanings such as:  ‘Save the planet’ where players will have to get rid of the bad pollution before it leaks in the atmosphere."

"This will not only benefit drivers with high bills and expensive car insurance. Furthermore, it also contributes to the world being a safe place for humans to live in and the future generations to come and live. This is beneficial as it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide. Users will be able to physically see the difference as walking is beneficial in a variety of ways."