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Pine People

Pine People


"The issue we are trying to tackle is deforestation. We chose this issue because trees are disappearing fast every year, which lowers the amount of oxygen in the world and increases the amount of carbon dioxide. This issue affects humans, animals and the environment. The number of trees worldwide has fallen 46% since the start of agriculture 12,000 years ago!"

"Our product is an eco-friendly Christmas tree growing package. It is made with recycled plastic bottles cut into a spiral, that has seeds in the bottom and the lid is changed for a biodegradable cardboard lid. The bottle will be submerged 100mm into the ground.  The seeds will grow and break through the biodegradable lid and as the tree grows the bottle will grow with it to protect it from the elements and animals. Once the tree grows enough to protect itself the bottle will be removed and be filled and used again."

"Everyone will benefit from our idea because trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. This means that there will be more oxygen in the world and climate change will be slowed down. Our vision is to provide a healthier, cleaner environment for future generations. We will do this by using our tree planting devices to sell for people to plant in Stirling and grow into Scotland and even worldwide."