Big Idea



Colton Hills Community School


"We have chosen to tackle the problem of climate change which is a global issue the planet is facing. This is presenting several challenges to the planet including the fact that whilst the Ocean surface of the planet is heating up the land surface of the planet is heating up at a faster rate."

"Our big idea is a product: Oxidrone. This product will reduce the Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Oxidrone used to reduce Carbon Dioxide levels will be one way to keep the world under the two-degree Celsius target for warming established by the 2015 Paris climate agreement."  

"Oxidrone is a unique product which offers a uniquely creative way to tackle a global issue. Oxidrone will deploy creative sciences coupled with artistic manufacture to tackle a globally challenging issue. Oxidrone will be directly beneficial to the quality of the atmosphere. This will in turn benefit the planet as this will contribute to a reduction in global warming which will provide relief from the effects of global warming."

 Our dream is that natural photosynthesis will take over helped by our Oxidrone, which can be a solution for high altitudes and certain parts of town where oxygen levels are low.