Big Idea

Operation Recraft

Operation Recraft

Corbridge Middle School


"We have chosen to tackle waste because it is –in our opinion –the biggest problem this world is facing in the future. Many animals are dying from getting tangled in plastic on land and in the seaWe have produced so much waste and are unable to manage it so it is cluttering up our world.We are very concerned about this problem and we hope that others are too.  We want to inspire young children of the next generation to be more aware." 

"Our big idea is Operation Re-craft, a campaign to raise the awareness of waste in schools.  We run it as a competition to develop sculptures out of waste materials.  School teachers can set up the competition in their schools easily – and even use it to raise money for environmental charitable causes if they charge an entrance fee."

"Our big idea is hoping to tackle waste. It benefits future generations and the planet now. We want to promote waste minimization, reuse and recycling. It also benefits the winner as they win a sum of money. It benefits charities too because money goes to them as well if the school decides to split the prize money between the winner and a charity."