Big Idea



Oaks Park High School


"The problem that we are trying to tackle is plastic pollution we are trying to promote reusing plastic and reducing plastic. This is because we are worried that our planet is having to suffer from all the rubbish and pollution that we are causing, which is now uncontrollable and it is causing issues to the wildlife and its habitat but we have to stop it."

"Our big idea is a campaign. We are using badges made out of bottle caps to encourage people to reuse reduce and recycle. When you buy a badge you can recycle your bottle caps which we will then use for other badges to spread awareness. With the money raised we are trying to fund our school to buy a water fountain so that students and pupils within the school are provided with water."

"Our big idea is beneficial as it will help future generations as well as wildlife, the environment and provide water for students. we think that our idea of doing badges out of bottle caps is unique. We believe that people will encourage our idea because not only it is beneficial for the environment but it is also fun."

"Our vision is to clean the earth from plastic, to provide schools with water fountains and have fun while we save the world."