Big Idea



Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst


"We have chosen using nanorobotics and similar technologies in order to help effectively reduce cancer because every person in our team has had family members, friends or know somebody affected by cancer. The majority – 58% - of cancer patients’ conditions are not preventable, and at least 36.9% of people discover that they have cancer in their lives (nearly 14.9 million people.) This means that nearly one out of every two people will have some form of cancer in their lifetime. These figures are extremely disturbing and are deserving of our attention and focus."

"Part one of our Big Ideas is a product.  In order to find any abnormalities, the Nano-cell must be administered through consuming a tablet with a shell. The shell – containing radioisotopes - is attracted to cancerous cells, which can be heated through infra-red lights. The heated shell will have absorbed the infra-red radiation, and is then absorbed by the cancerous tissue. This then essentially burns the tissue away and destroys the tumor from the inside out."

"Developing the Nano-cell technology will require a great deal of investment and funding, so the second part of our Big Idea will be a to start a fundraising campaign to raise both money and awareness of Cancer in general, but specifically in our new screening methodology."

"Our Big Idea is achievable because the technology we are going to use already exists. We have thought of a new application for it – if our technology is used to screen and diagnose cancer, it can save millions of lives and potentially be used to prevent other problems such as blood clots. This product has an unlimited scope worldwide and could benefit millions of cancer patients and their families. This is because our Big Idea is an invention that can prevent and cure cancer efficiently and quickly, reducing stress and recovery time."