Big Idea




"We have chosen to create mini wind turbines to reduce the cost of energy bills for local schools and to increase the amount of green energy used in the UK. This should also cut down the amount of pollution created by fossil fuels whilst powering areas; lowering the amount of greenhouse gases preventing serious consequences of global warming and climate change (such as: extreme weather, natural disasters and rising sea levels due to the ice caps melting) making our planet a better place."

"Our big idea is beneficial because it will save energy and cut down on the planetcarbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions – reducing our carbon footprint and pollution on Earth as well as cutting down on our need of energy from burning fossil fuels. It also increases awareness of need for sustainability. Additionally, our idea will enrich the children who help build i- giving them better understanding of current issues around sustainability and enhancing understanding of engineering, which in turn may enhance opportunities in life and introduce ideas which provide a chance to earn more money via alternative energy products/pathways."

“We want a bio-diverse planet. We want there to be no (or almost no) carbon emissions and a world in which everyone is kind with no difficulties or financial problems due to global warming or energy wastage.”