Big Idea



Alderbrook School


"We have chosen to tackle the problem of micro fibers coming off clothes and going down the drain into our oceans.  We chose this problem because it inspired us when it was mentioned in The Solutions For The Planet lesson and we knew that we could develop the idea further.  This problem will affect not only the sea creatures that eat the micro fibers by mistake, but us as humans too.  On average, seafood eaters ingest up to 11,000 tiny pieces of plastic every year.  Not only will it affect us and the sea life, but it will also affect the water as it pollutes it."

"Our big idea is a product and we are going to create filter that is cheap and easy to insert into a washing machine.  It will let the water pass through but will collect the micro fibers so we can recycle them after every wash.  The micro plastics that have been collected in the filter will go in a bin (that will be provided with a filter) and can be recycled when the bin is full and turned into something new.  Like bin men come and collect rubbish once a week, at the end of every month, they could come and do the same but with the micro fibers."

"Our idea will benefit the sea because the micro fibers won’t pollute the sea.  The fish because the micro plastics can suffocate them and they can also mistake them for food.  It will also benefit us as humans because if we don’t eat the fish that have eaten the micro fibers, then we won’t have any traces of them in us.  Climate change is one of the main problems in this day and age and we can help by preventing micro plastics from entering our oceans in the first place."


Microkollector team photo