Big Idea

Meat Free May

Meat Free May


"We have chosen to tackle the problem of methane in the uk methane is a greenhouse gas and is one sixth of global warming.  Although the level is dropping, it is not dropping quickly enough.  Infact, 44% percent of the united kingdom’s methane emissions are agriculture and farming."

"Our Big idea is a campaign called Meat Free May, which hopes to reduce the amount of methane in our atmosphere. It is based in Nailsea and Backwell and hopes to help decrease meat consumption in the local area."

"Meat Free May is beneficial to the atmosphere and to the people who take part in it; the effects of lesser meat consumption by humans will create less of a need for animal reproduction, specifically cows, as they create a plentiful amount of methane, which is exceedingly dangerous for the delicate atmosphere."

"Our vision is that more and more people will join the campaign and eventually there will be a decrease in the methane in the atmosphere. Hopefully, this will lower the need for future generations to create other campaigns, like Meat Free May and leave them more time for other important things like education and personal wellbeing."