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Love Life

Love Life

The Halifax Academy


"The problem is people fall ill every day with cardiovascular diseases – some people are vulnerable due to diseases such as diabetes type II that may be fatal and can lead to death without you even having a clue. Our main goal is to prevent this from ever happening. Many companies have released some products that attempt to stop this crisis; however, these products are only making life harder by being bulky and unfashionable."

"Our big idea is to create a product that monitors your body temperature, ECG, blood sugar, heart rate and blood pressure. This device acts (and looks) like a watch, which goes on your wrist and checks your body heat, heart rate and sugar levels. With solar power, this product will outshine all other competitors like Fitbit."

"This is beneficial because it can be carried more often so you will have a tracker even if you are travelling without having to carry large machines this also is more efficient and could save lives in a crisis for example if a fire happened, you could run to safety with your tracker on. "

"Our product is creative because it not only monitors health like the bulky devices that are utilized in hospitals, it takes the element of fashion into account, thus creating a presentable product that also carries out a useful purpose. In modern day society, fitness is an important factor in day-to-day life, for both young and old. Therefore, we target the whole population, including companies and organisations that specialise in fitness."