Big Idea



Heath Park School


"There are many issues we can tackle, but our main focuses are deforestation, plastic pollution, and light poverty. We have chosen these three controversies because we feel they are the building blocks in life The Amazon Rainforest, known to be the heart of Earth, was recently burning. Trees are one of the main reasons for our survival, they provide oxygen for us so we can breathe fresh air. One and a half acres of forests are cut down every second. 71% of the world is simply water. Out of this, 10% of the oceans are covered in plastic, making up to 260 million tons each year. If this does not stop now, all marine life will soon be endangered."

"Our big idea is to create a watch (with the help of a manufacturer) and a mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android, where parent(s), guardian(s), and career(s) can give points to their children. It is called BOP: Be Optimistic about Power. To elaborate on the whole idea, it works a little like this: Aisha, an eight-year-old girl, plants a tree. With her watch, she can take a photo of herself doing so. The image is then approved via app by her parent who can add points onto her account. Once Aisha has enough points, she can unlock certain games with them."

"We believe that our big idea will be beneficial because it will allow children to be expanding their knowledge about the current circumstances of the earth while also doing tasks to make it better. It will benefit our target market because it is their future in danger and with their help of completing challenges, slowly we can make the world a greener place."

"At JACKL, we believe that everyone should have light, whether it would be to guide them to their future or for the simple purpose of being able to see, but for the purpose of sight, resolving light poverty would be an amazing way for people to see that their future is bright."