Big Idea




"We have chosen to tackle plastic pollution because we believe that it is an important issue that matters to all of us. This issue affects many animals, especially sea life as it can suffocate them, or fill up their stomach, meaning they cannot take in nutrients, starving them to death. Every year, 12.7 million tons of plastic enters our oceans, killing millions of animals. If these rates continue, experts predict that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our seas than fish. We want to stop this. Also, the process in which plastic is made gives off carbon dioxide which is contributing to climate change."

"Our big idea is a product called the ‘Hydro-Cleaner’ which is a hydro-powered machine that has been designed to reduce plastic pollution. The Hydro Cleaners would be made of recycled plastics and metals. Our Hydro Cleaners will travel in the sea, doing its job without causing any disturbance to everyday life for people whose occupation is based around the oceans."

"The Hydro Cleaner would benefit the marine life in our oceans, as the amount of plastic they are consuming would be reduced majorly- due to them collecting lots over the world- meaning that most of them would live longer and healthier lives. In addition, they will benefit the fishermen as less of their fish would have consumed plastic and therefore less would be poisonous."

"Our vision is to greatly decrease the amount of plastics in our oceans by 2050. With less plastic in the ocean, and more being re-used and recycled, less plastic would need to be produced, which in turn means the government does not need to spend as much money on plastic production. In conclusion we wish to overall help the marine life and the economy."