Big Idea

Human Waste Cleaner

Human Waste Cleaner

Colton Hills Community School


"The issue we have chosen to tackle is to do with the littering related to packaging of food and how this affects our environment. We use plastic to package a lot of food products, people then litter, causing it to get to the wildlife on land and in the ocean. This is a pressing issue as plastic pollution counts for more than 100,000,000 animal deaths."

"Our Big Idea is a campaign and a product. The HWC2020 Campaign is to raise the awareness about different types of plastics and which one can be recycled we want to do it through social media and going to schools and educating the students as they are the future of our planet. For our product, we will make a special bin that will be at the local shops, schools and any other communal places which will be a smart bin with two compartments. We will be using pictures to facilitate the choice for the users."

"The benefits of HWC2020 is to keep our world clean. For us its important to keep our planet safe. It will be beneficial by helping us to protect this planet from all these disasters happening. We all love our world and in order to keep it safe we must work together to help to live bette. The more plastic we recycle, the less waste reaches and pollutes our oceans. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling plastic water bottles also helps to decrease the amount of pollution in the air and water sources."

“Our planet doesn’t need us as much we need her. It is our duty to protect it and keep its ecosystems working properly by protecting each form of life in it starting from microscopic creatures till the biggest animals, from the smallest plant till the Amazon Forest. Our dream is that our next generation has a clean planet where the plastic is reused and can be recycled more than one time.”