Big Idea



Colton Hills Community School


"We as a group have chosen to address the issue of certain animals going extinct and are hoping to tackle it by starting off as a small charity helping animals, like hedgehogs. The mammal has come under threat as humans destroy its habitat and kill off massive numbers of insects and invertebrates. The UK, for instance, has seen the population halved since the year 2000."

"Our big idea is a product and campaign that are going to be focusing on helping hedgehogs. It is a product as we will be making hutches for the hedgehogs which we will offer for councils and private people at a very small price. Additionally, it is a campaign to try and raise awareness of the  importance to save the hedgehogs as they are endangered in the UK and raise money to vaccinate the hedgehogs."

"Our Vision is to help all hedgehogs and hopefully more endangered animals live longer so they reproduce and don’t go extinct. The main reason why we are focusing on hedgehogs is because in the 1950s there was about 30M hedgehogs and is you look at it today there are only 1M left!"