Big Idea

Green Musketeers

Green Musketeers

Greenacre Academy


"We have chosen to tackle the devastating problem, Deforestation. We chose this problem because trees are what people need to live. Humans breathe oxygen and we need trees to provide this vital resource. By protecting these miracles of nature we are protecting humanity’s beautiful lives."

"3-6 billion trees are cut down a year just for paper and 15 billion for toilet paper. By this happening we are also destroying thousands of animal’s habitats.We believe that we should try to help prevent the issue before it happens instead of trying to put it right once it is too late."

"Our big idea is to build a dome full of endangered trees and the animals that are at risk due to the extinction of the trees. People will have to pay to go here, this will be a tourist attraction. With the money we get from this we will buy parts of the jungle/ forest that are endangered so people can’t cut it down."