Big Idea

Food For All

Food For All


"We have chosen to tackle the problem of Food ​Waste​ – The amount generated and Food Poverty​/Affordability. How many people in the UK are affected by hunger - with a focus on Bannockburn and its surrounding areas. We have chosen this because people may waste money on food that they might not need.Last year, there was an estimated 987,890 tons of wasted food and drink."

"Our new and current Big Idea is a service to create food parcels, to distribute throughout our school community. After the government voted not to continue with free school meals during the school holidays, we felt we needed to help the families in our community struggling with food poverty - we believe in Food For ​ALL​. In order to identify families that would need food parcels, we are working with charities like Stirling Citizen Advice Bureau and Home-Start Stirling."

"A happier, healthier change for our community. Our vision is that more people have the money and confidence to support themselves and their family, that they have the chance for a better life."