Big Idea

Food 4 U

Food 4 U

Grace Academy


"The problem we have chosen to tackle is food waste. In 2015 we threw away 7.3 million tons of food/drink, this could have gone towards feeding the homeless/less fortunate, but unfortunately food is something we take for granted. This is a major problem as a lot of homeless and less fortunate people do not get the food they need to survive in their everyday lives. Another reason we have chosen to tackle this problem is because some schools and hospitals do not donate their leftovers food to a charity or give them to a homeless shelter. If they did this less people would hungry and less food would be wasted."

"Our big idea is a campaign, the aim is to throw away as little food as possible from our homes. We also want to take food from supermarkets that would be thrown away and donate it to homeless people or homeless shelters."

"It will benefit everyone as the homeless can get the food they need and families will be saving money that they can put towards other things. It will also benefit schools and hospitals as they will not be spending as much money on food is they save their left overs."