Big Idea



Arden Academy


"We have chosen to tackle water wastage as our problem. We strongly believe that this is a very important problem because too many people take water for granted. 844 million people worldwide don’t have access to clean water but in more fortunate countries, people don’t even realise they are wasting it. In the UK alone, on average, one person uses 149 litres of water every day. Using this much water every day for a year results in 54,385 litres of water being used per person. However, we hope to reduce this."

"To help prevent water wastage, we decided to start by reducing the amount of water that people use in the shower by shortening the amount of time the water is running for. Showering gets through 12% of a British person’s daily water so it is one of the main reasons why people waste so much water and we wanted to do something about this. Our big idea consists of three main parts: a device, an impeller and an app. The key part of our idea is a waterproof product (a device called Focus Flow) that simply slides onto a stand or goes in your bathroom to help you save water.  It does this by setting off an alarm when you should have finished in the shower. This alarm only turns off when the customer has turned the water off." 

"Our idea is beneficial because it will help our customers save water easily. This is because Focus Flow tells them exactly when they should turn off the water by setting off an alarm. No time keeping is involved - Focus Flow does it so the customer doesn’t have to worry!  By using our product, customers can build a habit of having shorter showers and when they use a shower without a Focus Flow, for example, a public shower, they will have a quicker shower, saving water. This means energy is saved, fewer fossil fuels are used and less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, which causes global warming and many other problems."