Big Idea

Fishy Favor

Fishy Favor

The Coleshill School


"We have chosen to tackle paper use in fish and chips to save our world. This is very important because this can reduce deforestation by a lot but it won’t save the  whole of the rainforest but it will make difference in the long run.  We have chosen this problem because it saving wood, saving the animals and saving disused plastic."

"Our big idea is a product. When you go into a fish and chip shop you buy it as normal but it stored in a reusable plastic box  to store it in and this is saving a lot of paper and plastic. When you use it you can wash it up and then use it for other things like keeping your sandwiches in."

"This is beneficial because it would save unused things in the fish and chip shop like paper and other wasteful materials. This would help because we are just throwing away trees in a bin to be unused again. So we wouldn’t be using trees, we would be saving them. Our vision is to use our product to save on wasteful substances and to make England or even the whole world keep their delicious fish and chips in an eco friendly box."