Big Idea

Fire Poles

Fire Poles

Bishop Young C of E Academy


"The team is tackling the issue of wildfires and bushfires. The reason why we are tackling it because this issue is concerning. For example, during the 2019-20 Australian bushfires which destroyed over 12.6 million hectares was burned. This is caused by the lack of rainfall. The winds and the intense heat made the fires rapidly spread. There have been reports of wildfires in the UK too!"

"Our big idea is the fire pole. As well as this product there is also a fire alarm like device and an app. The Big Idea is different because there is an app which is used for citizens and fire services. There is more than one product. The fire pole alarm just like a normal smoke alarm this product alerts the members in the property.  This is a beneficial idea because this will save lots of land and the lives of animals and people. The product fire pole is connected to the satellite in space to send pictures and locations where the bushfire or wildfire is to firemen."

"The solution that we have made means that citizens can be alerted and everyone can be evacuated safely before a wildfire arrives; animal rescuers can help rescue animals near the fire and no one will be injured."