Big Idea

Filter Fresh

Filter Fresh


"Our Solution For The Planet is to help people in poorer areas of the world purify their water. One of the main problems in places such as Africa is waterborne diseases such as cholera (World Health Organization, 2017). With water being an essential part of our lives, it is shocking that more people are not aware of how dangerous this is and how we take clean water for granted in the West."

"As a result of these problems which people across developing countries face every day, our Big Idea is to create a water filtration kit called Filter Fresh kit that is not too expensive and is easy to produce and distribute. By doing so we will change lives across the African continent with a view to changing lives across the developing world in the future."

"The Filter Fresh Kit will include: Instructions on how to filter water , a muslin cloth (that can be washed and reused) ,Iodine as a filter and a vessel for boiling the water in."

"We need to ensure that the kit is accessible to as many people as possible, and to ensure that they can use it we will:  Have the instructions translated into languages relevant to the region where it is being distributed and use clear simple diagrams to help people who may not be fully literate. We want the product to be universal to help save as many lives as possible and completing this action will help us achieve this. "