Big Idea

Fast ‘N’ Fashion

Fast ‘N’ Fashion

Heath Park School


"We have chosen to tackle the problem of clothing wastage within the UK because we were astonished by the amount of money people waste on buying outfits they will not use many times. In support of this we have found out that it is estimated £30 billion worth of clothes are unused in cities in the UK alone."

"Our Big Idea is to run upcyling events and workshops for people to exchange clothes and/or update their old clothes with some basic textiles techniques so their old clothes are now ‘new’ or more in fashion.  This is a service. We would help raise awareness of clothes waste and so reduce waste, use of finite resources and reduce pollution and also show people that by doing this they can save money as they don’t need to buy new clothes as often."

"The world landfill crisis will benefit as when more and more clothes go to landfill and more land is waste which can benefit and be made into more houses’ shops, which supplies jobs and school, which is crucial. The land saved could alternatively be left for wildlife to grow and develop. Also, our idea will teach young people’s skill of upcycling so in the future it will become second nature helping immensely. People can understand and learn the advantages of upcycling other things in their life such as furniture and electrical appliances."

"If there is less need for new clothes to be made, fewer resources will be used in making new clothes such as cotton plants and the land they take up on the farms.Less clothes will be burned at landfill so less carbon dioxide and so less global warming – and we all know the benefits of reducing global warming. The events can be a social even as people can meet to chat and interact, helping the communities with mental health issues like depression and loneliness."