Big Idea

Energy Gym

Energy Gym

Priory School


"Our big idea is Energy Gym. This is a gym that not only stops the ongoing crisis of obesity affecting this country but we will demolish obesity.England has one of the largest obesity rates on the planet. This is worrying. Also this stops the ongoing major problem of is a lack of easily accessible renewable energy. In 2016/17, there were 617 thousand admissions in NHS hospitals where obesity was a factor. This is an increase of 18 per cent on 2015/16."

"Our Original idea was a public gym/business - Our gym will challenge  two crisis,obesity and the lack of renewable energy. Our Big Idea Means that consumers will not only be able to join the energy Gym, do their daily workouts on our modernised machines that will store and generate clean green. they will be rewarded for taking their health seriously by the intensity of their workout dictates the amount of energy that they generate, this would mean that they earn money off their own Energy bill or they can put the energy back into the national grid. It will make our country a more health and energy efficient along with countries in Europe."

"The main benefits are tackling obesity and renewable energy issues. People will be encouraged to come to our gym and exercise more. Creating energy from our gym equipment will tackle the ongoing threat of CO2 and fossil fuels being used to create energy. In addition there are financial benefits. Gym members could sell their energy back to the national grid in exchange for their gym membership or donate their money to charity. Companies that endorse us will be given free publicity."

"Our vision would be for schools to not pay as much for their energy bills, saving money so they can use it in educating their students. We would also like to decrease the levels of obesity within society, and promote a Eco Friendly and healthier world."