Big Idea



Biggar High School


"We have chosen to try and tackle the problem of global warming. 15.9% of global warming is caused by the dangerous emissions from vehicle exhausts. Carbon dioxide is the one of the most prominent gases emitted from the exhausts and is a colourless, odorless gas which is vital to the Earth’s carbon cycle. However, too much of CO2 in the atmosphere can increase the temperature of the Earth and with too much carbon in the oceans they can become more acidic therefore putting marine life in danger."

"Our ‘Big Idea’ is tcreate an exhaust filtration system which will capture and dilute the carbon dioxide and will be in the form of an attachable exhaust unit. The steam generated would then be released from the exhaust producing only clean emissions."

"In the long term it is human civilization that will benefit from our product as it is designed to combat a global problem that is seen to be of the utmost importance at this moment. The current population and more importantly the future generations, will be heavily affected by global warming and it is these people we are trying to protectFinancially, the national and local garages will benefit in the short term, as customers will have to pay for the device and installation in order to pass an MOT."

"Our vision is to one day have all vehicles producing non-harmful substances into our atmosphere. The dangerous CO2 emissions are causing 15.9% of global warming and if we want to live on a healthy and livable planet in our near future, we need to do something about these emissions now."