Big Idea

Eco Scan

Eco Scan

Arden Academy


"We will be tackling the problem of ​palm oil​.We chose this issue because we believe that it is the most environmentally damaging occurrence.Do you use palm oil? We think you do, even if you don’t realise it,in fact you probably use palm oil everyday! Here is where we think you are going wrong; do you use any of these products: peanut butter, margarine, shampoo, skin care products, breads and ice creams? Palm oil is leading to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest as well as other rainforests too. A shocking40% of deforestation is caused by palm oil."

"Our big idea is a  product, Eco Scan, is an ​app​ where customers can scan the barcodes on certain products to find out how much palm oil (or plastic packaging) is contained within the product. Before this, the customers will have pre-selected the amount of palm oil or packaging they do not want to exceed when buying. Automatically, if the customer goes over the preset amount, alternatives will be suggested and also directions to where to get them from.​"

" Our big idea is beneficial because it helps reduce palm oil and deforestation in a variety of places such as the Amazon rainforest. Overall, we think that, if we were to solve our issue, people from across the globe would be able to visit the ever growing, healthy, diverse habitats of the Amazon rainforest, the Borneo rainforest, the Sumatran rainforest, the East Australian rainforest and many more in their full beauty. That there would be no palm oil plantations in sight, no sad, small stumps of once great trees and no breathless critters whose lives have been stolen for the production of your shampoo."