Big Idea

Eco-move, Eco-power

Eco-move, Eco-power

The Coleshill School


"We have chosen to try and sort out the depletion of non-renewable energy sources. We chose this because we felt that the amount of energy wasted is astronomical and we can put a change to that with our idea. In the last year over 82% of energy used was unrenewable. This was caused by people across the world not using renewable energy and wasting important renewable energy. It is estimated that if we keep using energy in this way then by 2130 all non-renewable energy sources will be gone."

"Our big idea is a product that converts vortex into energy and will be on the side of roads and railways. It will look like a regular wind turbine but a fraction of the size. It will be able to generate a large amount of energy for local towns and other nearby places such as slums. They will be sponsored by companies who are renting or purchasing them."

"Our vision is to reduce the waste of power by using cars to create a renewable energy source. If we solved this issue the world would be much less polluted and more energy efficient."