Big Idea

Eco Air

Eco Air

Royds School


"The use of cars is one of the main sources of air pollution. Which contributes to global warming- which also stimulates other world problems like floods. We choose this issue because we feel very strongly about it and feel we have a duty (as we live on earth) to resolve it. A horrible fact that we need to solve about air pollution is that on average it takes away 1-2 years of someone’s life."

"Our big idea is to make a car and power it by the air. This saves you money on fuel but also helps the planet enormously. It is being beneficial because it is better for the air and the environment around us. Our car uses natural sources of fuel, so it is better for the planet."

"Our vision is to tackle the problem with global warming and climate change. We are both passionate about air pollution, and if our plan succeeds, we could have air powered cars that will change the way we live in a good way and you will never be able to breathe in that horrible smell of petrol!!!"