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EAP Solar Solutions

EAP Solar Solutions

Alderbrook School


"We have chosen to tackle the issue of the bleaching of the world’s coral reefs. This is happening because the coral is undergoing great stress.  This then causes the coral’s photosynthetic pigments to be harmed resulting in the coral appearing white. The reason why we have chosen to tackle this massive issue is because coral reefs are the rainforests of the seas”A root cause of coral bleaching is also due to the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. This is primarily causing global warming to occur; as the planets global temperature increases, so does the ocean."

"Our big idea is a machine that uses a motor to release a small, controlled amount of calcium carbonate (CaCo3into the ocean, this will neutralise some of the carbonic acid (H2CO3) in the surrounding ocean. This process is an equilibrium reaction. This means that carbon dioxide will continue to be dissolved into the ocean however through this process carbon dioxide will continually be drawn from the atmosphere therefore reducing the amount of atmospheric CO2. This will reduce the greenhouse effect and therefore reduces the earth’s global temperature and also means CO2 will not diffuse into the ocean and the coral will not be damaged."

"Our vision is to help all the bleached corals and nurture them and the ones which are suffering. This would allow them to return to their healthy, bright, beautiful state. Not only will this help the coral but it will also help us to reduce the effects of climate change and eventually eradicate it. When people see this positive change, they will hopefully not make this mistake again therefore allowing creatures everywhere to flourish."