Big Idea

Cap Beast

Cap Beast

Biggar High School


"We have chosen to tackle the problem of methane gas being emitted into the atmosphere.  We found that 16% of all greenhouse gases globally are methane and with the growing number of cattle farmers in the UK more and more methane is being produced and released into the atmosphereIn fact, 60% of those gases come from farming and agriculture. Because most of our team members come from a farming background, we are very much interested in helping give farmers a better reputation by giving them an eco friendly and sustainable reputation."

"Our big idea’ is to install an Aluminium dome over slurry storage tanks in local farms. This will then catch Methane gas that rises when the slurry is mixed. This is a product that will be sustainable as we have decided on both non-corrosive and highly recyclable materials."

"This idea is beneficial to farms, communities and eventually the world as it will help reduce the amount of Methane gas that adds to global warming.  This will also help give a personal supply of electricity to the farmer to help them become more self-sustainable as well as establishing a better reputation with the general public who potentially have reservations about farmers methods and perhaps believe they don’t care about greenhouse gasses or emissions."