Big Idea

Bin It to Win It

Bin It to Win It

Pudsey Grangefield School


"Our idea is funded by schools who buy our educational pack and bin. The concept is launched in assembly using a power point that we created, it is a rewards-based app and game to encourage recycling in young people.The scheme is managed by student counsellors who receive online training through Skype. and to minimise the impact of this all resources will be digital rather than printed."

"We have worked in collusion with Leeds University and have a viable prototype. Once we have test marketed our product at our own school, we will then charge schools £600 for the package. This will cover our costs and any profit will be put back into the business to help fund expansion."

"Our bin is powered by solar power​ and it is made with recycled plastic. We chose to tackle recycling because of the shocking news that a survey of 1,000 people revealed- two thirds are indifferent. Our idea is educational and encourages people to recycle."