Big Idea



Mayfield School


"We have chosen to deal with the issue of our bees' slow extinction, due to the fact that more and more people are using poisonous pesticides, although these chemicals are an easy solution to stop pests and disease carriers: rats, tics and mice are slowly killing our bee population. The reason we decided to support this growing problem is the fact we can spread awareness, another reason is that if the bees die the human race will die with them, which is something we think is overlooked greatly."

"Our big idea is in full a robot bee, a robot that will detect pesticides and lead their hive away from infected plants with scents and pheromones, towards chemical free plants ready to be pollinated.  Benefiting not only our bees but also the plant. Our plan is to use small, quick sensors that are currently in testing and developing. These new sensors are revolutionary to our products as common pesticide trackers are bulky and slow which would require modification to our product."

“If our product is successful, the world would first of all be bright and colourful, covered with beautiful, pollinated flowers. We would have plants and fruits available at all times. Our bees would be alive and buzzing but most importantly the human race will continue to survive. As well as this like we have already mentioned we would have helped save the bees giving back to them after all the hard work they have provided for us.”