Big Idea



Priory School


"The issue that we have chosen to tackle is landfill, plastic pollution, and excessive carbon emissions from the needless sourcing of ingredients from far afield as opposed to using what we have at home. We chose this issue because landfill is one of the biggest causes of climate change and this is killing ecosystems and destroying habitats."

"Our big idea is a mobile refill station for all-natural health, hygiene and beauty products. We could repress powders, refill bottles and sell reusable makeup remover pads. Customers could use their own containers or buy our products which will come with our own branded containers. All our ingredients will be sourced from Britain due to the immense amount of carbon emitted from air travel; our initial release for products will be: moisturizer, face cleanser, shampoo, conditioner and body scrub."

"Our idea is beneficial to the environment as we will not use single-use plastics and we will have bicycles for distribution instead of a car. This reduces the amount of plastic released into the ocean, therefore, enabling more marine life and ecosystems to flourish, adapt and live a healthy life. Furthermore, we are also planning in the future to employ people who struggle to get jobs/work experience and help them get back on their feet. We also hope to provide further employment and business revenue to local businesses by sourcing our ingredients locally."

“Our vision is that there would be no landfill or plastic pollution in the future.”


Beauti-Fill Team