Big Idea




"We want to try and tackle the problem of water wastage, we want to reduce the amount of water that people use and we want them to stop wasting it. People use water irresponsibly.  On average, a family wastes 180 GALLONS PER WEEK!"

"Our big idea to reduce water wastage, is by having a water monitor which has Bluetooth and can connect to an app which sets up daily reminders and challenges. This product is pocket sized, transportable and you will not have technical problems/issues which will save your time and you won’t have to get it repaired or waste money. Also, for this product you will not have to upgrade your house. It is good for the environment as it is not powered by electricity only batteries."

"We are trying to save money, the environment and energy from being wasted. We are also trying to protect drinking water resources as they are limited in some countries which means they sometimes have to drink dirty water."