Big Idea



Outwood Academy Freeston


"The issue we have chosen to tackle is deforestation. We chose this issue because we feel that this is an important issue that will affect everybody in some way. We also feel that governments do not pay enough attention to the issue."

"Our big idea is both a campaign and a service. Our Service offers a unique purpose that will help the planet. We will use Social Media campaigns to raise awareness and donations for funding. We feel our idea is creative because we have an idea that the drones could have 24/7 streams that you can track across the globe and you can see where the drones are across the planet. Our idea is beneficial because it will have a very positive effect on ecosystems across the planet, and plant and animal numbers will be able to increase. Additionally, more CO2 will be absorbed through photosynthesis."

"Our vision is that if our world had more trees that were protected from farming or logging, not only would plant and animal populations increase, more CO2 would be absorbed from the atmosphere, helping to solve the Climate Crisis.