Big Idea



Perton Middle School


"We chose plastic pollution because we feel strongly about saving our oceans and creating a brighter future for our planet. Sea Life is severely suffering due to our selfish actions that include, dropping litter and not recycling responsibly. What others fail to see is that as well as sea life, however, this affects us. The microplastic consumed by sea life can end up in our food and bodies which can affect us badly, such as weakening our immune system. Our actions are taking the lives away from innocent creatures that have been subjected to the blindness of our actions as well as our planet and every living thing on it."

"Our Big Idea is a service and a campaign. It is a service as it isn't a tangible item like a product. Of the 260 million tons of plastic the world produces each year, roughly 10% ends up in the Ocean, so our idea is to introduce an app that people can download on their phones which acts as a scanner to find out how much non-recyclable plastic you are buying, and the less you buy the more points you earn."

"Our vision is that the world would open up to what it is doing and start to see that the quick easy way of buying fully packaged items is definitely not necessary. If ASAP is used by a large population the amount of plastic littering the streets, oceans and the overall environment will be reduced greatly as it will decrease sales meaning less incorrectly disposed of plastic. Then, if sales truly plummet manufacturers will be forced to stop mass-producing plastic."