Big Idea

2 Yorkies of the West

2 Yorkies of the West

Arden Academy


"The issue that we have chosen to tackle is food waste. We are tackling this because we strongly believe that food waste is a huge problem in today's society. Of one third of the food that is produced in the world, each year 1.3 billions tonnes is lost or wasted and with the human population rapidly increasing that number is predicted to increase by ⅓ by 2030. The main causes of food waste by the public are that farmers harvest their plants too early or retailers deny food that is oddly shaped. "

"Our big idea is a campaign (Electro-Waste). Electro-waste uses bin lorries to collect food waste from places in the country such as restaurants, schools and supermarkets. This waste will be taken to a biofuel generator owned by our suppliers."

"Our Big Idea is beneficial due to there being a colossal amount of food being wasted. It will benefit everyone due to it being a renewable energy source which can help governments lower their Carbon Dioxide emissions and it can also help farmers with crops they can’t sell. This will also save money for the general population. This will support everyone from providers to supermarket customers."

"Our vision for the future is to end food waste entirely. The future of our planet will be modernised to make it a better, healthier, cleaner environment for humans and animals alike. The overall vision is to save the planet and keep the human race thriving. The product, Electro-Waste, will help us excel in this task while also solving a major world-wide crisis."