Big Idea



Mayfield School


"The Big Idea we have chosen to tackle is the issue of public transportation and how this links to global warming, and so consequently, climate change too. We designed our big idea of a new transport system as a result of our experiences where we live in Portsmouth. We all know that too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is causing climate change. One effect of this is rising sea levels – in Portsmouth, our island is currently having a massive sea wall built around all of our coastline, so that we will not be flooded with the already rising sea levels."

"Our Big Idea is ‘the buss without a fuss!’, called ‘RenewAbus’. This idea is totally unique. It cannot be found anywhere on the internet, bar on our website! We have searched for the same design and there is NOTHING that compares or matches RenewAbus and its accompanying systemRenewAbus is a completely self-sufficient, upcycled, recycled bus that is totally reliant on not using any combustion to power it. This means it will not be using fossil fuels in any way, and so not release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, so is carbon neutral. Instead, RenewAbus will be completely reliant on using various forms of renewable energy resources to power it."

"RenewAbus is safer to use on the roads because when it brakes, the chip oil will move forwards – this will create a greater forward force at the front of the bus, so pushing the bus downwards at the front, so making it brake harder. This will result in the ‘braking distance to considerably decrease. Because RenewAbus does not burn any fossil fuels, or rely on electricity generated by the burning of fossil fuels, RenewAbus will decrease the emissions of greenhouse gases. Our first RenewAbus will be also be used for education purposes, and teach the passengers on board. n the long run we will try and provide our buses to the poorest of countries around the world, not just providing transport but also education to all those that choose to ride our buses."