South England Regional Final: London

Our last Big Ideas Competition Regional Final will be taking place at London South Bank University on Thursday, May 19th 2022. Read on for details of the teams, judges, businesses and schools that will be involved…



Students from the following schools have been shortlisted and will be attending the Regional Final:


Mentors from the following businesses have been supporting students in this region:

Shortlisted Teams

The following teams have been shortlisted and will be attending the Regional Final for South England:


Stratford School Academy

Produces the JAV-1 which absorbs air, releases the oxygen, and splits the CO2 into oxygen, which is again released, and carbon, which is then buried underground in saline aquifers


Oaks Park High School

An app, Carbon Footprint Watch, that connects to cars to track users’ carbon footprint

Mangrove Mangrovation

Oaks Park High School

A campaign to stop rising sea levels and prevent flooding


Stratford School Academy

A biodegradable plastic alternative made from fibre-based materials like cellulose

Friendly Litter Bot

Saint Gabriel’s College

A robot that scans and picks up litter


Saint Gabriel’s College

An app that tracks when users throw waste into a bin, and gives them points for making it!


Stratford School Academy

A leaflet encouraging people to recycle all plastic, and an app for school classes that records how much they recycle and sends it to their local council in exchange for vouchers


Oaks Park High School

A machine that sucks in air, separates the Carbon and Oxygen, and turns the carbon into clean energy while releasing the oxygen back into the atmosphere


Stratford School Academy

Collecting plastic and safely burning it, to then re-use it for different purposes

Nature Defenders

Saint Gabriel’s College

A sustainable car that runs on biofuel from scrap metal from other cars

Solar X

Oaks Park High School

A game that raises income to plant trees and encourages people to be eco friendly


Noorafsha Manga

S4TP and Design Engineer

Kofi Atuah

Innovation and Business Development Leader

Susannah Costley-White

Let’s Go Zero Project Officer at Ashden

Alex Fennell

Network Supervisor at Cadent Gas Limited

Erica Aworo

Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK)


And the winner is…

We will announce the winner here after the ceremony has taken place on May 19th 2022, so watch this space!

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