Central England Regional Final: Wolverhampton

Our first Central England Big Ideas Competition Regional Final will be taking place at the University of Wolverhampton on Monday, May 16th 2022. Read on for details of the teams, judges, businesses and schools that will be involved…


Students from the following schools have been shortlisted and will be attending the Regional Final:


The following businesses are supporting students in this region and at this event:

Shortlisted Teams

The following teams have been shortlisted and will be attending the Regional Final for Central England:

Iceberg Saviours

Colton Hills Community School

A machine that collects water from the surface of the sea to help thicken glaciers


Colton Hills Community School

An app that teaches people how to recycle


Moseley Park

Old taxis that are refurbished using recycled materials to make them eco-friendly


Colton Hills Community School

A new road and paving material made from recycled plastic


Heath Park

Plant pots and vases recreated from recycled materials instead of clay


Heath Park

A cork sole for running shoes that doesn’t wear down and reduces shoe waste


Heath Park

Produces the ‘RCP’ (Renewable Carbon Dioxide Panel) which turns carbon dioxide into fresh air by pulling carbon dioxide into a vacuum, which then feeds to a refresher, powered by solar panels, that produces clean air

CO2 Heater/Stop the Rise

Moseley Park

A heater that sucks in CO2 and releases breathable air and heat

Travel Tracker

Perton Middle School

An app that grants rewards for choosing to walk or cycle, instead of traveling in a vehicle. Users earn points for miles walked, which can then be used at coffee shops for free drinks.

Sand Buggy

Perton Middle School

A robot that sucks litter up from the beach

5 Shades of Slay

Heath Park

A sewing kit activity pack that uses recycled fabric

Zero Waste

Heath Park

An app to get young people involved in zero-waste movement; a paid subscription provides info and challenges where users can win prizes


Claire Fitton

S4TP Judge

Kashmire Hawker 

Young Person Judge

Harold Mututa

Black Country AIM for GOLD Programme Manager at City of Wolverhampton Council

Nicki Sunderland

Director at ISS Labour

Neil Brammall

Technical Advisor

Hajrija Dergic

Senior Lecturer in Marketing at University of Wolverhampton


The Winner is:

Litter Buddy

Colton Hills Community School

Runner Up:


Heath Park School

Runner Up:


Colton Hills Community School

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