Central England Regional Final: Birmingham

Our Big Ideas Competition Regional Final in Birmingham will be taking place at Aston University on Wednesday, May 18th 2022. Read on for details of the teams, judges, businesses and schools that will be involved…


Students from the following schools have been shortlisted and will be attending the Regional Final:


The following businesses have been supporting students in this region:

Shortlisted Teams

The following teams have been shortlisted and will be attending the Regional Final for Central England:


Alderbrook School

A car-charging station sharing app – those who rent their stations are paid

Live Like a Martian

Arden Academy

App encouraging users to conserve (like astronauts in space)!

ReBound Energy

Arden Academy

More efficient solar panels made using multiple materials to preserve as much energy as possible

Eco Tech

Arden Academy

An eco-friendly printer that allows for re-use of paper and ink


Arden Academy

An anti-animal cruelty testing app that scans the barcode of products to see if animals have been affected in any way

Pick Up Points

Alderbrook School

An app and website encouraging users to pick up litter and do other environmental tasks in exchange for points

R.E.E.I.L. Climate Change

Alderbrook School

An app that tells consumers about the eco-footprint of their clothes


Alderbrook School

An app that shows how eco-friendly an item is when scanned

Green Saviours

Hodge Hill College

A robot that plants seeds on open fields, using satellites to find land that is suitable


Hodge Hill College

A moving bin that makes it easier to throw away waste


Dan Harrison

S4TP and Young Person Judge

Richard Vine

Regional Director at Tarmac

Rebecca Maughan

Project Manager at IM Properties Plc

Kamaljit Caulton

Strategic Research and Insight Officer at Birmingham City Council

Pam Sheemar

Director Commercial Banking at NatWest

Tsungai Mumbe

Assistant Public Liaison Officer at Tarmac


The Winner is:

Charge Find

Alderbrook School

Runner Up:


Arden Academy

Runner Up:

ReBound Energy

Arden Academy

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