Announcing the South England Regional Finalists 2022!

Huge congratulations to all teams who have submitted their Big Ideas this year! Despite the many challenges 2022 has thrown at all of us, you have all achieved so much!  We could not be prouder of your hard work!

Our dedicated judges have reviewed every one of the 30 submissions, and have come to a decision on who the Regional Finalists are for South England. These teams are listed below (in no particular order).

London Regional Final



Big Idea

Stratford School Academy J.A.G.S. JAV-1 absorbs air, releasing oxygen and splitting the CO2 into oxygen, again released, and carbon, then buried underground in saline aquifers
Oaks Park High School C.F.W. An app that connects to cars to track your carbon footprint (Carbon Footprint Watch)
Oaks Park High School Mangrove Mangrovation A campaign to stop rising sea levels and prevent flooding
Stratford School Academy AmEco A biodegradable plastic alternative made from fibre-based material like cellulose.
Saint Gabriel’s College Friendly Litter Bot A robot that can scan litter and pick it up
Saint Gabriel’s College GulfEngulf An app that tracks when you throw waste into a bin, get points for making it
Stratford School Academy C-Inclusive A leaflet encouraging people to recycle all plastic, and an app for school classes recording how much they recycle sent to local council in exchange for voucher
Oaks Park High School T.a.S.K. a machine that will suck in air, separating the Carbon and Oxygen, turning the carbon into clean energy and releasing the oxygen back into the atmosphere. 
Stratford School Academy FIRE Will be collecting plastic and safely burning it to re use it for different purposes.
Saint Gabriel’s College Nature Defenders Sustainable car run on biofuel from scrap metal from other cars
Oaks Park High School Solar X Game that raises income to plants trees and encourages people to be eco friendly

Portsmouth Regional Final



Big Idea

Oasis Academy Sholing G.R.O.W.T.H A nature-centered school programme to help de-stress students
Oasis Academy Sholing CALM CALM is a charity that repairs old teddy’s and re-sells them to raise awareness for the endangered Orangutang.
Cams Hill School Plastic Pod Robotic amphibian that collects plastic in oceans
Cams Hill School Chloroplastics Sustainable plastic from irish moss seaweed
Ark Charter Academy Testolio A fingerprint-unlocked breathalizer test that is needed for a car to turn on
Ark Charter Academy Eco-Freezer Making boats into freezers to create new ice caps
Ark Charter Academy Plastic -Free Pompey The Plastics’ cleanup campaign, inspired by Mean Girls, to make football kits from waste
Cams Hill School Green Future Biodegradable net that picks up microplastics
Cams Hill School WSI Creating a new method for a world water system

South England Shortlisting Judges

Maddie Threapleton Big Ideas Alumni City of Portsmouth College
Ashley George Major Projects Manager Tarmac
Adeoluwa Kolawole Student UWC Atlantic College
Wayne Crook Network Supervisor Cadent Gas Limited
Matt Ronayne Big Ideas Programme Coordinator Solutions for the Planet
Esther Pearl Programme Manager National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs)
Brian Spencer Development Director LinkCity UK
Mutiat Ibrahim #iwill Ambassador UK Youth

Being a judge this year is an amazing opportunity!  I was once sat in the shoes of those competing this year and it’ll be amazing to see it from the other side.  Good luck everyone!!

Maddie Threapleton , Judge, Big Ideas Alumnus & Student

Looking forward to judging the next generation who can really impact on the environment, the world is in their hands – they are the future.

Wayne Crook , Judge, Cadent Gas Limited

“The ideas, creativity and innovation from the contestants is inspiring!

Brian Spencer , Judge, Linkcity UK

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