Announcing the North England and Central Belt Scotland Regional Finalists 2022!

Huge congratulations to all teams who have submitted their Big Ideas this year! Despite the many challenges 2022 has thrown at all of us, you have all achieved so much!  We could not be prouder of your hard work!

Our dedicated judges have reviewed every one of the 54 submissions, and have come to a decision on who the Regional Finalists are for North England and Central Belt Scotland. These teams are listed below (in no particular order).

University of Bradford Regional Final



Big Idea

The Halifax Academy LitterHeads Robots that pick up litter
The Halifax Academy Plement Creating cement /structural adhesive materials out of plastic
The Halifax Academy FastFashion A business that reuses and recycles clothing – customizing clothing for customers and donating clothes to homeless populations
The Halifax Academy #CleanStreets A bin that doesn’t open unless the correct type of waste/recycling is deposited
Titus Salt School Purple Carrots Electric car power stations using renewable energy
Settle College Hope the Robotic Dolphin A robotic dolphin that stops Illegal fishing by taking photo and video
Titus Salt School T.E.A.M Arts and crafts box containing waste plastic and tips on how to use it in creative ways
Settle College Carbon Vac Small helicopter that flies and collects CO2 from atmosphere
Titus Salt School ASAP Packages Food bank parcel delivery service
Dixons Kings Academy Operation Ocean A campaign to raise awareness of water pollution, including environmental events/activities
Dixons Kings Academy International Water Funding Charity A donation-based campaign to reduce water pollution

University of Edinburgh Regional Final



Big Idea

Bannockburn High School Green Wildlife Recycled/recyclable range of long lasting teddys, 40% sales benefit animals
Broughton High School CO2urbo A car that runs on carbon
Bannockburn High School Fashion Waste Warriors A product/service/campaign that produces clothing from recycled materials, provides teaching skills and is a campaign for textile waste
Broughton High School Eco Life Buying food waste from stores restaurants and selling at reduced price.
Broughton High School Airotree Human-made tree that functions like a real tree until a real one can be planted
Broughton High School The Aqua Cleaner A re-designed gas-free river boat that collects waste
Bannockburn High School BB Blankets A campaign to turn old clothing into blankets for those in need.
Broughton High School Green Streets A service that employs those in need to pick up litter
Broughton High School Octo-Ink An octopus that refills ink in pens to reduce plastic pen waste

University of Leeds Regional Final



Big Idea

Bishop Young CofE Academy Fire Fighter Drone A drone that tracks forest fires with EWDS technology, and puts fires out.
North Durham Academy Sea-Savers An app game that benefits the planet when you play on it.
Outwood Academy Freeston Conserve2Preserve A campaign to sell things made of recycled materials to help stop deforestation.
St. Bernard’s Catholic High School Bernards Cup n Co Reusable cups to reduce waste and campaign for less plastic use.
St. Bernard’s Catholic High School Oxygenize A plant product that extracts CO2 and processes it through the plant pod.
North Durham Academy Package Less An app improving the amount of plastic being used in supermarkets.
St. Bernard’s Catholic High School P.INK A product that removes erasable ink from paper and re-prints with it.
Bishop Young CofE Academy ZAPP! An app that tracks users’ energy usage.
Bishop Young CofE Academy Carbon Catcher A vacuum system on tunnels, which sucks the carbon dioxide from exhausts of cars and feeds to trees that absorb the carbon and give out oxygen.​
Outwood Academy Freeston One Drop At A Time A campaign and product that filters water for people to bring  back to their villages.
Bishop Young CofE Academy Plastic for Pence A recycling container that gives you money for containers recycled in it

North England and Central Belt Scotland Shortlisting Judges

Warren Iveson Totex Business Performance & Assurance Manager Northern Gas Networks
Robert Dadzie Sustainability Consultant Delta-Simons Ltd
Heather Tyrer General Manager Mears Group PLC
David Dickinson Operations Manager Kongsberg Automotive
Richard King Stakeholder Strategy Manager SGN
Juan Moureau Student UWC Atlantic College
Councillor Helen Hayden Executive Member for Infrastructure & Climate Leeds City Council
Yasmin Kader Executive Director – Strategic Delivery and Development Yeme Architects
Noorafsha Manga Non-Executive Director Solutions for the Planet
Onyinye Igbokwe (PMP)® Founder / Operations Lead Ujali LTD

“I am looking forward to judging your fantastic ‘Big Ideas’, it will be great to see them, and the difference you can make and what you can make happen when you put your mind to it.”

Warren Iveson, Judge, Northern Gas Networks

Really looking forward to seeing the enthusiasm from all the students when taking us through their projects and wishing I was there with them.  I am sure there will be some amazing creativity which will inspire me in the future.”

Heather Tyrer, Judge, Mears Group PLC

“I’m delighted to be involved with this competition and really looking forward to seeing the innovative and creative entries from everybody who is participating.  This is a fantastic way to include the future generations and inspire conversations about how we can explore ways of addressing sustainability through STEM Careers.”

Cllr Helen Hayden , Judge, Leeds City Council

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