Announcing the Central England Regional Finalists 2022!

Huge congratulations to all teams who have submitted their Big Ideas this year! Despite the many challenges 2022 has thrown at all of us, you have all achieved so much!  We could not be prouder of your hard work!

Our dedicated judges have reviewed every one of the 42 submissions, and have come to a decision on who the Regional Finalists are for Central England. These teams are listed below (in no particular order).

Aston University Regional Final



Big Idea 

Alderbrook School ChargeFind A car-charging station sharing app – those who rent out are paid!
Arden Academy Live Like a Martian App encouraging users to conserve (like astronauts in space)!
Arden Academy ReBound Energy More efficientsolar panels made using multiple materials (one way mirror film mirror, silicone, a small vacuum
Arden Academy Eco Tech An eco-friendly printer allowing re-use of paper and ink
Arden Academy AACT An anti animal cruelty testing app that –  scan the barcode of products to see if animals have been affected in any way.
Alderbrook School Pick Up Points App and website encouraging picking up litter and doing other environmental tasks in exchange for points
Alderbrook School R.E.I.L. Climate Change An app that tells consumer about the eco footprint of their clothes
Alderbrook School EcoBarr An app that shows how eco friendly an item is when scanned
Hodge Hill College Green Saviours Robot that plants seeds on open fields, using satellites to find land that is suitable.
Hodge Hill College SCARS A moving bin that makes it easier to throw away waste

Wolverhampton Regional Final



Big Idea 

Colton Hills Community School Iceberg Saviours A machine which will collect water from the surface of the sea to help thicken glaciers.
Colton Hills Community School LitterBuddy An app that teaches people how to recycle
Moseley Park Takzi Refurbishing old taxis with recycled materials to make them green
Colton Hills Community School ReRoad A new road/paving material made of recycled plastic
Heath Park R.H.G. R.H.G recreates plant pots and vases out of recycled materials.
Heath Park Re-Active This product is a cork sole for running shoe that is is non-wearable.
Heath Park A.I.R. ’RCP’ (Renewable Carbon Dioxide Panel) which turns carbon dioxide into fresh air by pulling carbon dioxide into a vacuum which then goes through a pipe and feeds to a refresher at the back (powered by solar panels) which produces clean air.
Perton Middle School Travel Tracker An app which grants rewards for choosing to walk or cycle instead of going in a vehicle that uses a petrol or diesel engine. Users earn points for miles walked, which can then be used at coffee shops for free drinks.
Moseley Park CO2 Heater/Stop the Rise A heater that sucks CO2 and releases breathable air and heat
Perton Middle School Sandbuggy Robot that sucks litter up from the beach
Heath Park 5 Shades of Slay A sewing kit activity pack using recycled fabric
Heath Park Zero Waste An app to get young people involved in zero-waste movement; paid subscription provides info and challenges (can win prizes)
Central England Regional Judges

Central England Shortlisting Judges

Kali Moat Facilities Manager Tarmac
Andy Fuller Regional Chair IGEM
Claire Fitton Youth Insights Manager Solutions for the Planet
Tsungai Mumbe Stakeholder Engagement and Social Value Lead Tarmac
Sydney Wilkins Student UWC Atlantic College
Marissa Chauhan Big Ideas Alumnus & Assistant Manager Deloitte
Parminder Singh Jutla Board of Advisors Impact Hub Kings Cross
Katie Jepson  Environment Behavior Change Project Officer WMCA
Martin P. Kadzirange UK Learning & Development Advisor ABP UK
Kamaljit Caulton  Strategic Research & Insight Officer Birmingham City Council 

““I am honoured to sit as a judge on the shortlisting panel for Solutions for the Planet’s Big Idea’s Competition 2022. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful ideas from the next generation from schools in the Central England Region. I am genuinely excited!  Good luck everyone!”

Kamaljit Caulton, Judge, Birmingham City Council

Cant wait to see the creative and imaginative teams, and their thinking on the BIG PROBLEMS and how they want to solve them with BIG SOLUTIONS. 

Andy Fuller, Judge, IGEM

I am looking forward to judging again because I strongly believe youth who are our future deserve a platform to be heard when they have something to say. People like myself have a platform to mentor and facilitate change, but that means we need to listen and make room for the voices, so here I am.”

Tsungai Mumbe, Judge, Tarmac

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