Blog – Is perfectionism the enemy of sustainability?

Is perfectionism the enemy of sustainability?

The idea that anything short of perfection is unacceptable and that results are key rather than the actual process of change is leading to stress, anxiety and inadequacy in the face of climate change and sustainability for young people.  When schools and companies start to make small changes on their road to sustainability these should be celebrated as steps in the right direction.

At Solutions for the Planet we talk to thousands of young people about sustainability each year through our Big Ideas Programme and S4TP Youth Insights and take the time to explain that small steps can make a big difference.  Yet, when the same young people go online, they often see individuals and companies who are making these small steps be ridiculed and questioned about their sustainability record.  I am all for accountability and the dangers of green-washing, but we need to be careful not to stifle the hope that young people can bring to the boardroom and classroom.

Perfection can be paralysing.

Small actions and the ambition to improve is true #HopeinAction.

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Claire Fitton 

Youth Insights Manager

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Solutions for the Planet Ltd

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