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On Monday 8th November we welcomed Katie Salamon to the Solutions for the Planet team.  Katie joins us as Big Ideas Programme Administrator, read more about her first month below.

I was so excited to join Solutions for the Planet; my greatest career goal has been to join a purpose-driven organization that brings innovation and positive change to the world, and that seemed exactly like what I’d find here.

My first month with Solutions for the Planet is behind me! The time has absolutely flown by—I hit the ground running, and no wonder! I’ve come to learn that the amount of work that goes into running this program is immense, and only a team as passionate about what they do as ours could have done it on their own until now.   I have to say, my expectations have been exceeded. Getting to see the work young people do, the ideas they come up with, the perspective they share, is such a treat. In what can feel like a very bleak time, their optimism and innovation reminds all of us that there is hope.

I look forward to growing here and taking the best care of the back-end of our organization as I can, so that my colleagues can continue to do their excellent work at the front. They truly pour all of themselves into our program, and the children and young people we work with are so fortunate to receive that love and dedication. I’m so excited to see where we all go together.

Katie Salamon

Big Ideas Programme Administrator

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