2021 Central England Red Regional Final Results!

On Wednesday 9th June our teams from schools across Central England attended the second day of the Big Ideas Competition 2021 Regional Finals!

This year, the teams presented their Big Ideas virtually, via Zoom, directly from the schools themselves. Each team presented in front of a panel of judges made up of our amazing business partners, S4TP staff, and our expert young people!

The second event was the Red Regional Final, where 10 teams presented, from the following schools: Colton Hills Community School, Perton Middle School, Alderbrook School and Heath Park School.  Each team delivered a 5-minute presentation and then answered questions from the judging panel.

The judges included representatives from our business partners – Chris Pink from Tarmac, IGEM Trustee Sheila Lauchlan, as well as guest judges Kari Lawler and Harold Mututa!

The results were announced as follows:

Special Commendation:

Ecollution, Alderbrook School:

A boat which uses the flow of the tides to collect litter on the surface of the ocean and return it to land where it will be responsibly disposed of.  This will work in conjunction with an app which tracks how much plastic you recycle in a year and offers rewards for recycling

Runners Up:

Eco-Lottery, Perton Middle School:

A campaign, the Eco-lottery, is where we use civilians to pick up litter in return for tickets which give them the chance to win prizes. There will also be mini side competitions that allow people to win more tickets and thus increase their chances of winning.

Education Superheroes, Colton Hills Community School:

“We are a charity who believe that one child education is our future. Our aim is to provide for every child: one school bag, pencil case with stationary, a note book, a dictionary from their language to English or English to their language. We will collect used uniforms and shoes to offer them to children in need. Without forgetting to provide them with simple long life snacks to meet their basic needs .”


Panthers, Heath Park School :

A service that gives people ideas on what they can do to stop food waste and educates on how to store food and when they should throw food away.  There will also be an app which helps you create snacks from leftovers you have in the house.

Panthers are now through to the National Final which will take place as a Zoom event on the 23rd of June!

We wish Panthers the best of luck as they prepare for the National Final. We also want to congratulate ALL the students who presented on Wednesday – the standard of ideas and presentations was incredibly high, and it was a wonderful way to continue our Regional Final season!

Written by: Jen Baughan

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position(s) of Solutions for the Planet Ltd