Announcing the South England Regional Finalists!

Congratulations to all the teams that submitted their ideas, in the face of such challenging circumstances this year.  We’re so proud of all of you!  The 25 South England school submissions have been judged, and we have our Regional Finalists!

The teams that have been shortlisted in South England are listed below (in no particular order).  Join us LIVE on our Youtube channel this Friday, 14th May for the live draw to see which of the two South England Regional Finals your team will be in!



Big Idea:

Oaks Park High School Apollo Our Big Idea is to invent a car which will reduce the pollution on the planet. Our Campaign is to make it affordable for people to buy it.
St Gabriel’s College Home grown compost An awareness campaign and initiative to start a local ‘home-grown’ compost.
St Gabriel’s College Etha-Fuel An ethanol filter. An alternative fuel source for cars to reduce air pollution.
Stratford School Academy JEHT A product which takes in plastic and melts it using solar power. The plastic turns back into crude oil and is used as car fuel. 
Stratford School Academy Animal Protector Edible plastic that is flavoured – it can be eaten by fish and by humans.
Oaks Park High School S.O.S. Our Big Idea is to save the seas by making huts on the beaches so that people then trade a bag of rubbish for items in the huts, for example reusable bags, bags of food not wrapped in plastic, etc.
Nailsea School Save Our Oceans Our Big Idea is a campaign against single use plastics.
St Gabriel’s College Binner A campaign raising awareness for endangered species.



Big Idea:

Nailsea School Eco Art Project Our Big Ideas is to set up a café that offers art workshops to children that want to express themselves.  We take dirty, unused rubbish and transform it into magnificent pieces of art.
St Gabriel’s College Amet Windows Our product combines solar panels and windows to provide people green energy.
Oaks Park High School ECONUT Our idea is to re-use coconut shells, that we would otherwise throw away, and turn them into useful and sustainable products.  Moreover, they can be used for construction purposes (coconut concrete).
Nailsea School Treemendous Our big idea is a flat made completely of green materials and green energy, complete with indoor gardens and social places.
Stratford School Academy The Planet Savers Our Big Idea is to have magnetic plastic. Static is the only magnetic-like action that is present in plastics, but if magnetic friendly materials are added during the plastic extrusion and molding processes, plastic can be magnetized or at least, have magnetic characteristics.
St Gabriel’s College Eco-Warriors An initiative and awareness campaign to allocate different activities throughout the duration of the week to encourage local residents to recycle.
Stratford School Academy RE-CASH A recycling machine that exchanges recyclable materials for points uploaded on a card which you can then use at supermarkets.
Oaks Park Green Life We will be sending out seeds to the wider community and then planting them around our neighbourhood.

South England Shortlisting Judges

James Thomson Stakeholder Relations Assistant SGN
Stuart Sherlock Innovation Project Officer SGN (and IGEM member)
Katie Wandless Learning & Development Advisor Tarmac
Jose Torres Student UWC Atlantic College
Delphine Guibert Senior Development Manager Linkcity
Kane McLoughlin Area Manager Cadent
Noorafsha Manga Product Design Engineering Student London South Bank University
Lola Fayokun Politics Student; Climate Justice Activist London School of Economics and Political Science

“Being part of the judges for Solutions for the Planet has been an incredible experience to conclude two years of sustainability learning at UWC Atlantic College. It is inspiring to see how the British youth is pushing forward for a greener future and devoting their time to such a noble cause.”

José Miguel Torres, Young Person Judge, UWC Atlantic College

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a judge for Solutions for the Planet this year, and it’s been a really insightful experience to understand how we can tackle our sustainability issues through our young people. After a tough year, the creativity and innovation of the work that was provided by all students, was indicative of the continuous effort across the board; alongside the support they received in and out of school.”

Katie Wandless, Judge, Tarmac

“It was fantastic to be part of the Big Ideas Competition 2021 in which students have some great projects/ideas for solving real world problems. The ownership, responsibility and work ethic in the projects was incredible and shows how each person can make a difference.”

Kane Mcloughlin, Judge, Cadent Gas Ltd