Announcing the Central England Regional Finalists!

Congratulations to all the teams that submitted their ideas, in the face of such challenging circumstances this year.  We’re so proud of all of you!  The 42 Central England school submissions have been judged, and we have our Regional Finalists!

The teams that have been shortlisted in Central England are listed below (in no particular order).  Join us LIVE on our Youtube channel this Friday, 14th May for the live draw to see which of the two Central England Regional Finals your team will be in!



Big Idea:

Colton Hills Community School Dream Town Water filters and safe containers for clean water – targetted at helping Uganda in particular.
Heath Park School TechnoDream A drone to collect trash from the oceans.
Colton Hills Community School Team Counter Zoo An animal sanctuary modelled on animals preferred habitats with safe corridors for guests to view the animals.
Colton Hills Community School Sun Angels A campaign to plant a million trees over two years and to encourage families to plant trees to mark occasions
Heath Park School Environmental Engineers Recycling plastic waste into a new raw material that can be used to make numerous new products.
Colton Hills Community School Super Girls Save The Sea A beach cleaning service.  Using the collected waste to make street furniture.
Heath Park School Panthers An app to help people reduce food waste by offering recipes for leftovers.
Colton Hills Community School WASP Window Applicable Solar Panel – an adhesive solar panel – scalable to any size window.
Hodge Hill College Anti-Poaching Group A re-education service which will catch animal poachers and then send them to our education camp and teaching them about how bad poaching is.
Colton Hills Community School Education Superheroes A service which collects second hand school equipment and distributes to children in need.



Big Idea:

Heath Park School Green Queens A campaign to reduce the use of palm oil, deforestation and the loss of animal habitats.
Heath Park School Planet Helpers Eco-friendly dog toys made from papier mâché.
Perton Middle School Eco-Lottery A campaign (the Eco-lottery) where people pick up litter in return for tickets which give them the chance to win prizes.
Heath Park School The Walkie Talkies A game which educates players about global warming – with 40% of proceeds from the game going to charity.
Heath Park School A Step Ahead A campaign to reduce plastic pollution, creating crafts from waste plastic and doing beach cleans.
Hodge Hill College NFNITO A service that collects and recycles abandoned fishing nets.
Heath Park School New Life A new central heating thermostat.
Perton Middle School Plastic Sucker A machine that attaches to boats and sucks plastic out of the ocean.
Alderbrook School Ecollution A boat which removes plastic from the ocean.
Heath Park School SDK A campaign to end sex trafficking.

Central England Shortlisting Judges

Claire Fitton Youth Insights Manager Solutions for the Planet
Millie Field Concrete Shipper Tarmac
Mark Tarran Senior Integrity Engineer IGEM member (National Grid)
Nicki Sunderland Central Services Director ISS Labour
Elze Amileviciute Student UWC Atlantic College
Lorraine Cookson Behaviour Change Director SKIPS Educational Ltd
Ben Ballin Educationalist & Project Manager Freelance

“Getting an opportunity to see what amazing ideas 10-13 year olds come up with, their unlimited creativity, idealism and urge to make this world a better place is absolutely unmatched – again highlighting the importance of such events, and of empowering youth and supporting their projects in general.  I hope their enthusiasm lasts and results in these beautiful ideas becoming reality!”

Elze Amileviciute, Young Person Judge, UWC Atlantic College

“What is really encouraging is seeing how interested all the candidates were in sustainability and doing their part to improve the environment for future generations. There is a lot of hope there and no one is giving up on the earth just yet.”

Mark Tarran, Judge, IGEM member (National Grid)

“It is a very humbling experience to see how important certain issues are to young people today and it has inspired me as the company’s sustainability (in the wider sense) and social values champion to ensure we do as much as we possibly can to leave a positive legacy through all our business activities.”

Nicki Sunderland, Judge, ISS Labour