Announcing the Central Belt Scotland & North England Regional Finalists!

Congratulations to all the teams that submitted their ideas, in the face of such challenging circumstances this year.  We’re so proud of all of you!  The 22 Central Belt Scotland and North England school submissions have been judged, and we have our Regional Finalists!

The teams that have been shortlisted in Central Belt Scotland and North England are listed below (in no particular order).  Join us LIVE on our Youtube channel this Friday, 14th May for the live draw to see which of the two Central Belt Scotland and North Regional Finals your team will be in!



Big Idea:

Outwood Academy Freeston Eco Friendly Fashion A service selling upcycled clothes from charity shops.
Kingsmeadow Community School Team Trees Tree nurseries in school to offset carbon emissions.
Kingsmeadow Community School Green Team A service recycling household waste and unwanted items.
North Durham Academy Waste Warriors A community garden where people can bring their scrap food and exchange it for fresh vegatables.
Outwood Academy Freeston Greenways Self-driving, environmentally-friendly, personal rapid transit pods which travel along repurposed railway lines.
Bannockburn High School Life Under Water A campaign to stop plastic pollution in the ocean.
Kingsmeadow Community School Girls Essentials A service providing free sanitary products to girls in school.
Kingsmeadow Community School Bikeinators A bike that projects illuminated indicators and road signs on to cyclists’ backs.



Big Idea:

Bannockburn High School Reach Out Helping the homeless by designing a rucksack/bag that helps people who are living on the streets to survive.
Outwood Academy Freeston Envirotech A robot that monitors sea levels to help scientists who need this information.
Kingsmeadow Community School Save Our Earth A gaming app to raise awareness about global warming.
Kingsmeadow Community School Sessions on Depression A service promoting mental wellbeing by doing activities such as bake sales, clubs and social media outreach.
Bannockburn High School R.E.S.E.T. A campaign against racism with a focus aimed at primary school-aged children.
Kingsmeadow Community School E.C.U. (Eye see you) Glasses that help people suffering from sight loss.
Kingsmeadow Community School Energy Importance A waste reduction campaign, persuading people using statistics to show what they can save.

Central Belt Scotland & North England Shortlisting Judges

James Cowley Senior Project Manager Northern Gas Networks
Anju Kaur Khaira Learning & Development Advisor Tarmac
Daniel Garfield Head of PR Mears Group 
John Walters Operations Manager Kongsberg Automotive
Jojo Ward Student UWC Atlantic College
Nalini Wilkins Environment Manager SGN
Sara Smith Learning and Development Co-ordinator; Steering Group Member RHET; Learning for Sustainability Scotland

“It was a privilege to take part.  I would say that I was humbled to hear such great ideas after the year the students have all had. It’s good to know that despite everything they all have ideas and solutions which will enable us to hopefully build a better world when they are all in charge!  Really amazing pupils who have a lot ahead of them.”

Dan Garfield, Judge, Mears Group

“Really enjoyed hearing the students ‘Big Ideas’ and wow! some were really big ideas!  And others were small ideas with the power to make big differences!  I hope the students gain as much from this experience as I have.  Well done everyone!”

Nalini Wilkins, Judge, SGN

“The wide range of topics the project submissions covered was super to see and the video introductions helped share the young people behind the teams.  Scoring work is always really hard as it’s a subjective process but I think it’s just great to see any project work coming in after the academic year we have had so hats off to the teachers and students who found the time and energy to engage with this. Thanks for the opportunity to help!”

Sara Smith, Judge, RHET; LfSS

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