One Week until the Central England Red Regional Final!

Let’s get ready for the Central England RED Regional Final – it’s just ONE WEEK AWAY!

Find out more about the teams, their ideas, and who will be judging them:


Stay Crafty Stay Classy – Heath Park School

A service that recycles old clothes and sells them on to young people.

The Green Globe – Alderbrook School

A greenhouse built on factory roofs to counteract the carbon emissions.

UV Disguiser – Colton Hills Community School

Two watercraft – the first of which detects plastic pollution in the oceans and the second of which collects it.

EAP Solar Solutions – Alderbrook School

A solar-powered, ocean born, alkalai dispenser which serves to neutralise carbonic acid which is harmful to coral reefs.

2 Yorkies of the West – Arden Academy

A service which collects food waste which is then converted into biofuel.

Eco Scan – Arden Academy

An app which scans barcodes and informs the user how much palm oil is in products.


Garry Gregory – West Midlands Area Director, Tarmac
Gloria Nkuliza – Chemical Engineering Student
Lucy RitchieClient Manager, Energy and Utility Skills
Hilary Hampton Communications and Education Manager, Veolia